Irma Korn ~ Naturopath, Counsellor and Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

A massage can range from a general soothing relaxation massage to a stronger therapeutic massage.

  • A relaxation massage helps create a state of calm wellbeing, relieves tension, and helps create a greater sense of embodiment.
  • A therapeutic massage aims to relieve aching sore muscles, headaches, neck and back pain, etc. Aromatherapy essential oils may be used.
  • One of the most popular aspects of Irma’s treatment is the head massage which is generally incorporated in each massage.
  • Pregnancy massage helps to alleviate lower back pain, aching tired legs and feet, and other common pregnancy discomforts.
  • Reflexology is the massage of pressure points on the feet that correspond to the organs of the body. This can be incorporated as part of a massage or as a treatment in itself.
  • Chakra energy healing and/or CranioSacral Therapy may also be included. These work on clearing and unblocking energy channels in your body, supporting the nervous system and promoting a sense of groundedness.
  • Bowen Therapy may be incorporated with a massage, and it involves a very gentle soft tissue rolling technique helping facilitate the body’s own healing.
    Bowen technique releases accumulated stresses in the muscles and connective tissue, and provides relief from pain, tension and discomfort. After a Bowen treatment clients often describe a feeling of profound relaxation.

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